Adopted Love

Tom Brenner

Rochester Institute of Technology

Chaney Roko watches TV in their living room with her two adopted daughters, Kiera, 4, and Mary, 9. Most of their time is spent in the living room. Each evening before bedtime, Chaney gets to have relaxation time with the kids by watching a movie in the living room. Mary and Kiera have Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a rare neuromuscular disease that bends the joints at birth. They cannot walk, speak, or eat on their own because of the disease. Growing up, Chaney's family adopted a young girl who also had AMC. She died at a young age due to complications from the disease. Chaney found a special bond while taking care of her handicapped sibling and decided that she would adopt medically fragile kids. In order to be a full-time mother and care giver to her kids, Chaney had to quit her job. Although she has no time to date or socialize, she loves spending quality time with her kids, whether it's homeschooling or watching their favorite movies together. She wants to move out of her two-story home into a ranch in order to accommodate to her kid's needs, however she faces financial issues that prevent that from occurring anytime soon.