Autumn Interior

Maria Przybylska

Belfast School of Art, Ulster University

Our society is constantly changing and it would appear that longstanding assumptions we have had regarding the traditional structure and functionality of a modern family have been undermined and disrupted. We exist in an atomised, fast-paced environment, characterised by long working hours and persistent pressure to pursue opportunities and succeed at all costs. The consequence is that families often become fragmented, postponed, dislocated, secondary considerations. It is difficult to achieve the balance between personal and work commitments.

In my project I would like to portray the mood of modern domestic experience. These images are autobiographical and therefore they are imbued with a high degree of sentimentality, capturing the emotional connecting points personal to me. Here are little vignettes, a photographic roman of my life but one that can be evocative of anybodyís experience. Within, one senses the little ruptures, calm before the storms, dysfunction emerging, frayed relationships. All these experiences provoke the viewer to imagine their own circumstance.

Documentary style photographs and family snapshots appear alongside staged and abstracted pictures as well as other imagery that falls between these categories. The body of work creates a blend of reality and the imagined. My work here draws inspiration from the filmmaking of Ingmar Bergman and Michael Heneke in terms of intimacy and distance and the realist paintings of Edward Hopper and Rembrandt in terms of the symbolic and contemplative quality of light.

I am particularly intrigued by the ability of light to elongate time, that peculiar quality which prompts us to anticipate the unknown.