Big Dog Place

Coline Parizot

FAMU - The Prague Academy of Performing Arts

We didnít know the name of this bar but we named it - The Big Dog Place.There are two big dogs live here, they are the owners...This is kind of the beginning of the story.It was early, just before the opening. One of the owners cleans the bar. Some people are already here. A man plays music in a corner. One dog sleeps but strangely looks like dead. This is the atmosphere before the whole night crowd. Here begins the flash light and every little scenes are connected to each other.In this place, there are special atmosphere, people come here day by day. This place becomes a part of their lives in each evening, they keep the link between each others alive. We can say that this new link between them is similar to the link of a family. There are true freedom which is difficult to observe in another place. People are more able to talk, talk with strangers like talk with their friends. They can confide something of themselves easily, different generation meet.I wanted to use a simple camera with flash to capture each little scene at the moment and donít miss any. This place is very dark, i thought the flash can discover and capture the situation more precisely.I met the real owner of this place. I wanted to understand how this place built itself. I heard that in the past it was a kind of squat. I wanted to learn more, to ask to the owner which part of his life this place takes. He told me different stories about the bar, I met his friends, who come there until the beginning, and I learn more about his past, his family and his two dogs, the mother and the son, who take a huge place in the bar.