Samantha Elizabeth Ryan

St. Kevin's College

Samantha Elizabeth Ryan’s work explores the issue of a broken home. It is human nature to try to fix what is broken. But sometimes the more you try to fix something, the more damage you do. My father has not been living at home for over 4 years and we have never had a good relationship no matter how much I wished it differently. When my Mother found a new partner, there was a lot of outrage from my father and quite a bit from me as well. I feel that the new partner is a stranger in her life, with him not letting her into his life as she has into ours. There is a stranger staying in our home and we know nothing about him. This is a series of images that I have taken portraying the feeling of invasion in my home. It depicts the juxtaposition between two men, how my family has been broken by both and tried to be fixed by both but to no avail.