Deer Hunters

Joanna Graham

Rochester Institute of Technology

Bridgette Pattison, her husband, Luke, and their two children, Destinee, 10, and Layne, 8, spend a lot of time together in their four-bedroom apartment in Lima, New York. Their "Uncle" Cory, Bridgette's second cousin, is also a permanent fixture around their home, especially during deer hunting season every November. They save thousands of dollars each year at the grocery store by hunting as many deer as possible. This family is brought together by a lifestyle choice that many within their family and community criticize.

They are called names like "rebel" and "white trash," but through the different parts of that lifestyle their family is brought closer together. Every season, the family creates memories doing various activities. Since Bridgette and Luke are working parents, the family bonds while hunting, fishing, trapping, four-wheeling, and even folding laundry. Their free-spirited attitude creates an environment for their children to be imaginative and have fun without using technology.