My will was to capture the intimate, familiar scenes from the live of my grandparents home. In my opinion they just constitute a living referent of word "family". Their bonds, which has been indestructible since 42 years are phenomenon as such - worth documenting. As the grandson - thanks to the wonderful, warm relationship that formed between me and them over the years - I was able to penetrate with no obstacles - domestic quiet and to capture very intimate moments alike in their essence just charming. The whole speech of this peculiar fresco is like a perfectly true. Do not see the colored smiles, forced poses. I've known these people for years and I could have managed to make them act naturally, to retain themselves in the front of the lens. I could also judge that what I captured on the camera sensor is just a scene from the life of people in love, who where found by maturity with a smile and passion in their hearts. They have so many things in common, that any differences become insignificance - that is what I wanted to portray. The serie is opened by "farmyard" portrait. Later it is followed by staff during household duties - cooking, engineer work, melancholy after kiss, surprise in the kitchen, drudgery struggle with walnuts, Christmas cooking common with daughters. Next few shots of resting by smileing. In the end - a broader plan of prayerful reverie and kiss in a hand - a simple and honest expression of love for.