If I Could Double Myself

Malgorzata Cwiech

Belfast School of Art, Ulster University

PROJECT TITLE: If I could double myselfÖ
by Malgorzata Cwiech

My work concentrates on figures within the landscape. They are presented from the viewpoint known as ëR¸ckenfigurí literally meaning ëback figureí usually associated with German romantic painters. Each image offers the viewer a new scene. The protagonists remain the same throughout the series, always seen from behind and viewing the scene spread out before them. The visual narrative that I have created is a personal contemplation of the theme of identity. Within my photographs I have doubled myself in order to visually present what it would be like to understand the world and other people twice as much. My ëR¸ckenfigursí are positioned in the landscape exploring or meditating the setting. The doubles are both observers and observed, and the images reflect reality and fiction combined. My photographs could be compared to a style associated with theatre and opera known as ëmonodramaí which usually involves a single actor or singer, playing all the characters. Because we often think of photography as testimony or a memory of reality, my work makes the viewer doubt what they see. Potential audiences are invited to identify with my characters and speculate on how things would be if the viewer too was doubled. My images pose questions and seek answers. If you were doubled would you understand the world twice as much and be twice as wise? Does everybody have a double? Are we as human beings unique?

Images are untitled.