Living in a Room of Big Building

Xiang Yu

FAMU - The Prague Academy of Performing Arts

"There are different times and conditions in the person's life, such as leaving home to go to a strange city to living alone. Our society provides such a specimen, so that I can watching this phenomenon.

A highly civilized and highly mechanized era?In a large building, there are so many of the same room. different people living in it, and everyone as an individual symbols one by one, are embedded in a huge whole. this huge building offers a rich variety of functions but mechanical. These features running and describing human services. We are accustomed to these, and almost unconsciously think, this is our life should be.

I think this is a symbolic model that reflects the moment we are in a side of society, but also reflects our people as individuals, the model of our lives. a person's space, and a group of people composed of families, groups, and have not essentially different. Whether we as individuals, or the composition of the group, are embedded in a huge whole. Society and our life just like this way."A story of people living in a small room of big building