Love Keeps Us Going

Casper Holmenlund Christensen

Danish School of Media and Journalism

"There have been times when I've gone several days and looked at two pieces of toast and thought that there must be enough for the kids. So, I have had to it do without, because my children should not go to bed hungry, " she says.

Rikke Berg is a single mother of four children, unemployed and among the Danes who is scraping the bottom of the social statistics. She lives on the Island called Lolland, where one in four people are unemployed and therefore have the lowest incomes in the country.

She has always procured a living. As long as her children can get diapers and food she is convinced that everything will be all right. Everything is a priority. The choice between food on the table, rain pants for kids and having to ration her bath to every third day to save the pellets.

But the love between them has always overshadowed all obstacles. She remembers many of those moments they have together that lead her away from the hopelessness.