New Roots

Sarah Ann Jump

Rochester Institute of Technology

When Nyirazana Munyarugero's husband, Pricard Kamali, was killed in a violent conflict in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2009, she fled the country with her six children. Now, the members of the Kamali family are refugees who have resettled in America with hopes of finding peace in their permanent new home. Muhire, Nyirazana's brother, became the patriarch of the family. As the family's main English speaker, Muhire helps them navigate through the resettlement process as each of the family members adapt to life in America at their own pace. They struggled with becoming self sufficient. "When you are starting a new life, everything is difficult," Muhire says. "You have to be able to stand for it. If I have been able to stand for my life in insecurity, it is easier to stand for my life when I have stability. In time, everything becomes easier."