Nunaga, My Country

Sisse Dupont

Danish School of Media and Journalism

Three thousand kilometers northeast of Denmak lies Greenland, the world's largest island and an autonomous part of the kingdom of Denmark. For many Danes, Greenland is synonymous with igloos, dog sleds, and alcoholics. But for Greenlanders, it's much more.
Many Greenlanders leave the country each year to work or study in Denmark. Few return, threatening Greenland's dreams of independency.
Greenland has about 56,000 residents, but this number continues to shrink by about 350 people a year. About 18,500 Greenlanders live in Denmark. Research shows that almost all of them miss Greenland, but less than one third of them consider going home. The country's social issues are many, making it difficult to find a home or a school for your children.
Still, a few choose to return to help build up the country. This project features two people who have done so, Georgine Graversen and Sussi Wille Broge. Both have lived in Denmark for several years, educated themselves, gotten married, and had children. But throughout their lives, they longed to return to Greenland's beautiful, wild nature and relaxed view of life. They both feel a huge responsibility to give back to their country.