Halil Ibrahim Solmaz

Bahcesehir University

On 13 May 2014, an explosion at a coal mine inSoma, Manisa, Turkey, caused an underground minefire, which burned until 15 May. In total, 301 peoplewere killed in what was the worst mine disaster inTurkey's history. The mine, operated by coal producerSoma Kˆmu?r ??letmeleri A.?., suffered an explosion,the cause of which is still under investigation.The fire was started by an explosion that occurred 2kilometres (1.2 mi) below the surface; the explosioncaused the mine's elevator to stop working. Theexplosion killed 301 workers and injured another 80and trapped nearly 600 workers in the mine, most ofthe victims dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.The tragedy that happened in Soma as majordisaster will be make the history of Turkey and eventhe world. The disaster that make everyone sad eventhe Political Parties as a common sense.But what nextÖAre we going to talk about Soma disaster only a fewdays and forget about it? We do actually. Or are wegoing to act like that it did not happen till an otherdisaster? As the government said are we going toleave it up to destiny and feel in the way like it can behappen and easily accept this situation.After the Soma disaster hundreds of people died inexact numbers 301 miners. But in the sense not only301 people died but even the families that they leftbehind them feel the death with them. And the reasonwhy I took my photos in Soma is that to show peoplein Turkey and even to the rest of the world to notforget this disaster and the families that try to surviveafter the disaster.Unfortunately not only the families of the killedminers affected from the disaster. Even the 487miners that could survive, their families, rescueservice workers, the volunteers, the miners who wereworking at different shifts are effected from thedisaster. According to Hurriyet news more than eleven thousand people are effected by this disaster.

The «etiner family. Adam «etiner was killed at the Soma disaster. The family which lives with three personísfg