Teodora Ivkov

University of Novi Sad

Project summary:
?urug is a village in northern Serbia with more than 8,000 residents. It's about 100 kilometers away from the capital of Belgrade.
Most people are Orthodox Christian farmers. In the summer, they swim in the Tisa river. Dogs are meant to guard houses, cats are meant to hunt mice, and pigs are meant to be eaten.
On Sundays, families get together. This photo shows a big Sunday lunch my mother made of soup, sauce, meat, and potatoes. Everybody loves Sundays.

This is a story about a village in the north Serbia which is told through the lives of five families, families who live in the same street, the same street where I grew up. In Serbia, Sunday lunch is very important. It's a time when everyone is home, and it's a time for rest.

This photo description:
These are my grandmother, uncle and Djole. Djole is grandmoms favourite cat Grandmom likes listening to loud music and ordering songs on the radio. My uncle is the strongest guy in the street and the loudest. He got married few days ago. Nobody expected it. We like new daughter in law, she is nice.