Micaiah Koh

Australian National University

My body of work is made up of a typology of ìportraitsî and a grid of text depicting their
names. The ìportraitsî are comprised of digitally captured images onto 254 cm x 108 cm
glossy paper, taken over the course of two months with a 35mm-equivalent camera within a
student lodging located in the Australian National University campus. These images depict
the backs of strangers that passed by my photographic setup and agreed to have their
photograph taken. Relationally, the names pertinent to the backs are flipped also.
This body of work speaks to the themes of human vulnerability, diversity and representation,
the commodification of the face and the absence of the face in human interaction. The
typologyís repetition serves to emphasise this diversity, as was understood by my research of
artists such as Bernd & Hilla Becker and Taryn Simon. The exclusion of faces in my body of
work additionally connotes a resistance towards a day and age where the face is regarded as
commodified, as well as the removal of a central aspect of discourse in interacting with
- Micaiah Koh
Sheng, Madison, Nina, Leonard