This project was really interesting way to learn much more about my family and also it taught me to observe close people different way, than i would do otherwise. It was also something close to my heart, my own interest and possibility to spend lot more time with people whom mean the most in my life and enjoy many pleasant moments. I tried to capture as much mundane things as much as moments, which were very special to my "objects". There was an attempt from my side to capture the closeness and selflessness of my family, especially of my parents, which is even greater, due to illness of some family members or as it could be described as an unconditional love. Situations which on one side put people under a lots of pressure, requires a lot of strength, but the same time makes people and family unit much stronger.
There is also a different side of my interest to contribute to the Family. Life project. As a part of my study last year in my Irish University IADT in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, I had a chance to learn about humanism in photography, including the book, which was published at the occasion of an exhibition:"The Family of Man". This publication as well as work of Sebastiao Salgado as well as some other "humanistic" photographers, gave me the urge to explore this subject much more and this project gave me the opportunity to do so. I am only hoping that i will do it justice.