The Egostripper

Anders Rye Skjoldjensen and Katrine Marie Kragh

Danish School of Media and Journalism

Alice is 33 years old and lives in the northern part of Jutland on a small farm. She has been stripping since she was 17, and is now considered one of the best strippers in Denmark. Even though her livelihood is based on exposing herself to young men in bars and during private sessions, she lives a secluded life out on the Danish moor. She finds refuge in her house, caring for her horses and her donkey, Joakim. Alice likes to be in control. She doesn’t want to cling to anybody, and nobody should cling to her. She has a mild form of ADHD, which makes it hard for other people to keep up with her. She has no intention of slowing down. Throughout her life she has been let down by people she trusted, and has learned not to trust anybody anymore. She is The Egostripper.