Lost and Found

Lyn Low Yu Neng

Nanyang Technological University

"For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought." Edmund Spenser
The artist was searching for the reason behind her obsession with taking photographs of her family. But two years down the road, she found herself at square one with more heartfelt photographs she had taken of her family, plagued with schizophrenia.
It wasn't until later, when her father left home to seek medical treatment for the illness, that she made an extraordinary discovery: a stash of old photographs of the family that her father had taken back when he was still well and functioning. She realized that she picked up where her father left off. Through the photographs, she was forced to relearn and reconnect with everyone in the family, including the father she never had a chance to know. It was then that she considered that perhaps she was the only schizophrenic one, as what she saw about her family was never what, in reality, it was.