Sunday Roast

Chad Alexander

Belfast School of Art, Ulster University

For as long as I can remember it has been a tradition each Sunday for my family to visit my grandparentís home for a roast dinner. Our family dinner is different than most because we eat at separate times throughout the course of the day. The reasons for this have never been discussed or addressed, however some of the reasons are clear to me. There are cracks within the family and the members. I think all families have their troubles. I know the other members of my family certainly donít see our experience as being outside the norm, but I believe our Sunday dinners reveal the complex family dynamics at work in our extended family.Family is important and retaining the family unit is especially important to my grandparents. They are no doubt impacted by historical traditions, societyís expectations, notions of unconditional love, Catholic traditions and metaphysics.
Through photography I am trying to decipher m family. For me, the camera acts as a gateway between us. One that Iíve never really had access to.