The Perfect Brother

Sara Ho Shi Ning

Nanyang Technological University

Ho Shi Ning, Sara

Project Summary:
My brother leaves his possessions all around the house and invades my room from time to time. I finally understand why. Giving up half a bedroom to Grandpa, sharing a study room with our Ma, he has no place to call his own. He gave up his comfort for someone else. Whenever I see a mess, I see the perfect brother. Instead of getting frustrated, I remember what he gave up.

4 November, 2013
Subject's name: Paul Ho
Location: My home, Singapore

Image 001- My brother is one that brings life to a party. He is outspoken in speed and loud in his dressing. I told him to do a funny pose and he stuck out his hips and chest out and stared at nothing, with his eyes wide looking like a goldfish. He was willing to do anything I instructed him to do, even if it was embarrassing himself, just so that I could get good photo.