Elif Imran Kartal

Bahcesehir University

All of us miss our childhood. Why? What is the difference? It becomes more difficult to see real world with every age. People cannot understand that the only need is being together with beautiful people. When we are child, our living area was limited but we do not know that because we have not got any thinking border. And then when we grow up, we understood that world is so big and we are so small and weakness.(how we understood that, who told us?)And we stopped thinking, feeling and seeing. We started to think, feel, see from others perspective .We forget ourselves. But when I look to Ceylin I see the princess of all the world. Because she belongs to the world. She likes clouds and birds. She likes this world. And unfortunately it is a prove that we lost something ,when we grow up.Azra Ceylin Eren is two years old and she is different than us because she is a children. And children so different than adult. Her mother,Selin Eren, works in a supermarket and father,C¸neyt Eren is a musician.Her parents are working so Ceylin stays until the afternoon with her grandmother,Nevin Eker. Her grandfather Raif Eker is Parkinson sick. Her aunt,Ay?eg¸l Aki, is my close friend. And there is a grand-grandmother,Rahime Eker. And she is really fantastic women. She still loves her husband like first day. Ceylin, mostly spends a time in living room. She likes playing games, watching tv and looking from window. She likes to going park and she likes sleeping. Itís all. It can be seen so simple life but ?t is real than our real life. We cannot love anything ,we cannot love ourselves anymore but is you cannot love something/someone you cannot being belong or own it.Ceylin belongs and owns everyone/everything.In this work I want to remind, our childhood and our old world perspective. I want to just remind.
Ceylin is doing breakfast with her grandmother Rahime Eren.When she is eating or drinking something,she likes spilled it.Eating is a game for her.